A security fogging generator is the ultimate line of defence against the determined criminal. The award-winning Smoke Screen has been proven in the eld over decades and stops attacks instantly. The bad guys break in, the fog activates, quickly lling the risk area and forcing them back out. It’s that simple.

As an ANT in control certi ed product Smoke Screen becomes more than just an add-on to the overall security system – it becomes an extension of it. As part of a full ANT system, Smoke Screen can provide its input circuits to accommodate extra detection for the overall system. Why use an expander, when a Smoke Screen system provides that and critical defence in the same area?

As an integral part of the system, the Smoke Screen can be programmed, audited, command red and monitored from a single central location. Important functionality if you have to manage a network of thousands of devices.

Smoke Screen systems are further enhanced when combined with the powerful accessories such as infrasonic sound barriers, security strobe lighting and Tempest (ANT’s equivalent of a formic acid defence). These systems in combination complete the circle of defence of any location.