In Control


ANT is a collective; an exercise in collaboration created by a network of inventive technology and security providers working in partnership with you, today’s loss prevention professionals.

Just like the insects that inspired the name, ANT collaborators form a highly efficient system of work cells. Information is collected and shared, development timelines are optimised to meet real client needs and systems are created that help determine the shape of the future.

Supremely agile software houses apply their expertise in the development of platforms and processes that put the power of products created by award winning manufacturers within the command of your operation.

The end result of ANT’s activities represents the most cutting-edge technologies and practices available today. We believe that you, your business and your staff have a basic right to a feeling of safety, security and control. ANT companies work together combining individual areas of excellence towards that single common goal.


Loss prevention management doesn’t end with the act of installing equipment to defeat the modern criminal. Today’s challenge is in ensuring that equipment is available, data is intelligently analysed, predictive (not just preventative) maintenance occurs and key performance indicators of loss prevention are met.

ANT in control software and systems are designed from the ground up to not only be open platform architecture but also to integrate seamlessly with one another.

A system comprised of ANT in control certified software and components provides total control and visibility across even the largest of deployments. Guaranteed availability of critical defences is assured.

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Asset Control


It’s not just the collaborating companies in ANT that have an innovative communication network. All ANT in control certified products continuously talk to each other providing a constant stream of input and feedback organised by intelligent centralised control.

Using this kind of thinking provides real benefits to installers and users. For instance, installation burden can be dramatically reduced due to simplified cabling architectures. Truly modular possibilities are created by the harmonised communication paths:

Fogging systems become extensions of the alarm system allowing flexible installation options for additional detection; NVRs and no-breaks can be instantly addressed by the intelligent and centralised control system. Using ANT in control certified products does one thing – it puts you in control.

ANT In Control