The ANT in Control Video Management System offers sophisticated and fully integrated infrastructure and security management that delivers maximum return on investment. Seamless, easy installation and exceptional ease-of-use make it the perfect surveillance software solution.

An intuitive suite of tools dramatically speeds up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage. Users can setup specific searches that will eliminate the need to review irrelevant footage, saving an abundance of time and significantly improving the overall security of the entire system.

VMS offers users the choice of three highly customisable tools:

  • Snap Search.
  • Motion Search.
  • Activity Trails.


Our analytics provide a powerful enhancement to the VMS and significantly enriches the value of any CCTV installation. We use several different algorithms, which can be configured to automatically provide triggers to the system, and enable specific user-defined actions.

The resultant event trigger could result in alarm activation, switching selected cameras to selected monitors, sending emails or just recording pre- and post- trigger event video for later review.

The full video analytics suite includes:

  • Automatic image quality detection and reporting.
  • Presence detection.
  • Entry/Exit area.
  • Line-crossing.
  • Time or stop in area direction.
  • Speed.
  • Loitering.
  • Object detection.
  • Appear/disappear.
  • Queue length analysis.
  • License plate recognition.