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1. Testing requirements

1.1 when the customer applies for testing, he / she shall fill in the testing application form and submit it to the company (email, fax, express, etc. can be used). If the customer has special requirements for the test service, he shall submit the test application form to the company and inform the company in writing at the same time. The company has the right to review its rationality and legitimacy, and decide whether to accept the requirements according to the actual situation.

1.2 the customer shall provide legal, applicable and appropriate samples to the company according to the test requirements and pay the test fee and other related expenses.

1.3 the company shall provide test services according to the entrusted items and requirements in the customer test application form, and send the test report in the agreed manner.

1.4 no matter how to send samples, the customer shall properly protect and package the samples to ensure the safety of the samples during transportation or handover. The company shall not be liable for any damage or loss of the samples during the delivery process or any situation that is not suitable for testing.

1.5 if the customer needs the company to go out for sampling or on-site testing, the customer shall ensure that there are no dangerous factors endangering or affecting the personal and property safety of the company's staff at the work site, otherwise, all losses (including but not limited to medical expenses, industrial injury treatment and economic compensation) caused to the company shall be borne by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.

1.6 the customer shall inform the company of any actual or potential risks or dangers related to the entrusted services, such as radiation, toxic or harmful or explosive substances, environmental pollutants or poisons, etc., and promise that the entrusted samples meet the requirements of national laws.

1.7 after receiving the samples and relevant data provided by the customer, the company shall conduct inspection in a timely manner. In case of any sample error, insufficient sample quantity, sample damage, or lack of necessary data (which may affect the accuracy of the results and the determination of the results), the company shall inform the customer in a timely manner to supplement the qualified samples and data, and the service cycle shall be recalculated since the company receives the supplementary samples and data.

1.8 the company shall not be responsible for the possible damage or destruction of the samples during the test due to the requirements of the test method.

1.9 if the customer has no special requirements for the retention of the tested samples, the company will retain the samples according to the internal management requirements based on the sample characteristics. For the samples beyond the retention period, the company has the right to destroy the retained samples by itself. If the customer requests to keep them, the customer needs to bear the sample storage fee. If the customer requires the sample to be returned, the relevant expenses shall be borne by the customer.

1.10 the customer shall clearly fill in the service requirements in the test application form, including but not limited to the test items and the test methods on which they are based. If the customer specifies the test method, the customer is responsible for the applicability of the test method; if the test method is recommended by the company, the company is responsible for selecting the applicable method and notifying the customer.

1.11 if the customer requests to change the testing service requirements in the testing process, it is necessary to apply for the change, and the company shall review the changed content in the contract again.

1.12 the company shall be responsible to the customer for the work of the subcontractor, except for the subcontractor designated by the customer or the legal management organization, if any test item needs to be subcontracted.

1.13 the company's test service cycle starts from the time when the customer provides a complete test application form, a back sign quotation, and the sample has arrived at the company, and the notice of opening the case can be sent (in various ways). The company will determine whether it can meet the requirements of test services such as customer's requirements for expediting according to test methods, projects and other conditions.

1.14 if the customer requests the company to terminate the test or change the test requirements in writing, the company shall terminate or change the test requirements according to the customer's requirements, but the customer shall pay the test fees (including but not limited to test fees, labor fees, travel expenses, reagent fees, etc.) of the completed test part of the company, and shall not have the right to ask the company to return the previously paid amount.

1.15 the company will promptly notify the customer of any test item or test item that cannot be completed in time due to unforeseen technical level, test equipment failure and other reasons. In this case, the company will not bear any liability for breach of contract.