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FCC part 15B和 FCC part 15A

FCC Part 15B 和 FCC Part 15A


 什么是FCC Part 15BFCC part 15A

FCCClass AClass B的定义

 FCC Part 15 AFCC Part 15 Class A (A 级数字装置)

Class A digital deviceA级数字装置

A digital device that is marketed for use in a commercial, industrial or business environment, exclusive of a device which is marketed for use by the general public or is intended to be used in the home.



FCC Part 15 BFCC Part 15 Class B (B 级数字装置)

Class B digital device-B级数字装置. 
Class B digital device. A digital device that is marketed for use in a residential environment notwithstanding use in commercial, business and industrial environments. Examples of such devices include, but are not limited to, personal computers, calculators, and similar electronic devices that are marketed for use by the general public. Note: The responsible party may also qualify a device intended to be marketed in a commercial, business or industrial environment as a Class B device, and in fact is encouraged to do so, provided the device complies with the technical specifications for a Class B digital device. In the event that a particular type of device has been found to repeatedly cause harmful interference to radio communications, the Commission may classify such a digital device as a Class B digital device, regardless of its intended use.